We are Digital District! We are a group of artists. Misaki Scarlet (Me), OtakuYui- Chan, and NobodyNamine decided that would should united our Art SUPER POWERS! and start an artist group, so we came up with this. We each have our own YouTube channels were we upload a variety of content (mostly art related), there you can see what we are able to do.

We each have different styles, which add variety to the group. We also come from different cultural groups.

In this group, our intention is to make art and fun. we are taking commissions, so if you are interested in buying custom art works from us please feel free to contact us.

We might also post about different projects, such as t-shirt designs, merch, music, or just funny edits that we make.

Feel free to ask any questions if you have any! Have a good day!



More Info Coming Soon…