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Awesome Kakashi Minecraft Drawing!

Hey There!

I am here to share a speed-art I just posted of a drawing I made. This is one of the types of drawings that I make. In this one I drew Kakashi Hatake from the Popular Anime Naruto in the Minecraft Style. This was a commissioned Artwork for someone that uses a kakashi skin on their channel. If you like this type of this check out the speed-art and consider getting one your self! (in your minecraft of course)

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Welcome to Digital District!

I’m Misaki Scarlet, one of the founders of Digital District. Digital district is a small group of artists who independently promote their art and take commissions.

We originally all had our own separate youtube channels, and met eachother through another artist group know as Twenty2Shades. However, that group didn’t go too far, so a few of us branched off to do our own thing!

We are taking commissions! So if you are interested in buying art from us, please check out the commission page with future information and visit our youtube channels.

Ps: I am new at writting post, so sorry if this was poorly written.

PsPs: The Drawing shown was made by OtakuYui-Chan. And the fourth person in the Drawing is our friend Hay Naydeen (who isn’t officially in our group as of the posting of this, but might be in the near future)